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Prepare for Impact unpacks the playbook the Estis brothers used to succeed, first by using thirty simple steps to achieve ambitious sales goals and then by following nine tactics that answer the question of how leaders can show up for their teams, help them achieve their potential, and find fulfillment at work and in life.

Today, Ryan is a globally recognized sales and leadership expert, founding partner of ImpactEleven, and keynote speaker helping many of the world’s best-known brands deliver growth. Chad leads business operations for the Dallas Cowboys, the most valuable sports franchise on the planet.

Through drive and commitment, Ryan and Chad know how to get results and foster deep connections. Prepare for Impact is their entertaining, actionable approach to making your own impact at any point in your career and in turn helping make the world of work a better place.

In "9 Tactics for Being a More Human-Centered Leader," you'll learn how to inspire your team, achieve ambitious goals, and find fulfillment in both your work and personal life.

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Meet Ryan and Chad Estis

Chad Estis

Chad Estis serves as the Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T Stadium and Executive Vice President for Legends, a global premium experiences company that specializes in delivering holistic solutions for sports and entertainment organizations and venues. Though he’s had much success growing teams’ bottom lines, the largest impact of Chad’s career has been on his people.

Ryan Estis

Ryan Estis is a globally recognized sales and leadership expert, keynote speaker, and co-founder of ImpactEleven, a hyper-growth startup community of thought leaders. A former Fortune 500 Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan has spent his career in the trenches, leading high-performance teams and building a client roster of category-leading brands.

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Praise for Prepare for Impact

“In a country thirsty for Leadership, Prepare for Impact delivers! Chad and Ryan’s insatiable passion for leadership will have you wanting to run out of the tunnel! Bravo Boys!” 

Frank Pacetta, Author, Don’t Fire Them Fire Them Up

“An entertaining read full of practical sales and leadership insight that can help you win. More importantly, Ryan and Chad offer perspective on what matters most—family, friendship, relationships and enjoying the journey with people you respect and love.” 

Jesse Itzler, Entrepreneur, Founder and Author of Living With A Seal

“Chad and Ryan Estis offer inspiring and actionable leadership instruction for navigating the era of disruption. In a world where growth and comfort do not coexist, Prepare for Impact provides a playbook for building a high-performance team that delivers results all while supporting the development, empowerment and fulfillment of people. A compelling read and proof that you can effectively manage the dynamic tension between growth and humanity!”

Ginni Rometty, Former Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM, Co-Chair at OneTen, and author of Good Power.

“As a leader, I found Chad and Ryan Estis’s book to be both enlightening and inspiring. Their deep understanding of sales dynamics and leadership principles shines through every chapter. Reading this book is a transformative experience that will leave you equipped to tackle any business challenge with confidence.”

Michael Yormark, President of Roc Nation Sports International

“As an old friend, I’ve watched Chad and Ryan’s extraordinary careers unfold with deep respect and awe, and I’ve witnessed their tremendous talent and success firsthand. But with Prepare for Impact, they’ve truly outdone themselves. This is not just a book; it’s a toolkit for success. Chad and Ryan don’t simply tell you how to achieve, they show you—with steps and tactics that can catalyze transformative results for any business. Their commitment to creating maximum impact and their passion for genuine, human-centered leadership shines through every page. Prepare to be impacted. This isn’t just a must-read—it’s a ‘must-act.’”

Lance Tyson, #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author of The Human Sales Factor, President and CEO of Tyson Group

“In this book, the Estis brothers provide a strategic roadmap that should be required reading for business leaders at every level. The truth is that drive, commitment, tactics, and aggressiveness simply aren’t enough. The common denominator for true success and fulfillment in the global business world today can only be found in winning cultures built on a foundation of ethics, teamwork, and true servant leadership. Sadly, this simple but crucial formula has been lost in much of business today, and the Estis brothers serve as a rare and strong beacon example to follow. They are leaders with a strong vision—and strong values—and this important book lights the way for future generations.”

Jim Wilkinson, executive chairman, TrailRunner International

“I have known Ryan and Chad Estis for my entire professional career and lived the 30 Steps and 9 Tactics in action, real time. Prepare for Impact is not only a playbook on how to accelerate your sales or leadership career, but it is an honest story of the struggle, success, and profound growth that both Ryan and Chad have experienced along the way. It is tactical, thought provoking, and exactly what every top performer and leader should be reading. What a gift for all of us to learn from their journey!”

Lynn Mandinec, business manager for Ryan Estis

“Ryan Estis has been a valued partner with our sales team at AmeriSourceBergen. In Prepare for Impact, the Estis brothers share so much of what it takes to drive growth and impact customers in today’s ever-changing marketplace. An entertaining read full of practical sales and leadership insight that I highly recommend for anyone looking to level up and create more impact!”

Rusty Massey, SVP, Specialty GPO Sales and Physician Services, AmeriSourceBergen

“Whenever I find myself in need of guidance and a fresh perspective to navigate my business through transformative times, one voice consistently stands out: Ryan Estis. For the past fifteen years, I have personally witnessed the practicality and effectiveness of the ideas and strategies presented in this book. These insights are not mere theories conceived in a controlled environment; they have been forged in the real-world trenches of sales and leadership. In a world longing for a human-centered, heart-led approach, the Estis brothers have drafted the blueprint for the next generation of great leaders to follow. There’s no denying that this book has arrived precisely when it is needed most.”

Seth Mattison, founder, FutureSight Labs; co-founder, ImpactEleven

“In the new era of business, human-centered leadership is the only way to thrive in the face of turbulence and disruption. Prepare for Impact is the perfect book at the perfect time, helping us lead more effectively and with more meaning, driving both sustainable success and lasting impact. Ryan and Chad Estis strike a nerve, providing the ideal antidote to uncertainty and rapid change. Truly a masterpiece of modern leadership, for both business and life.”

Josh Linkner, New York Times bestselling author, five-time tech entrepreneur, venture capital investor

Prepare for Impact is a powerful blend of sports smarts and leadership lessons, straight from the trenches. Chad and Ryan’s focus on teamwork and results has shaped our work at SeatGeek, where Chad has been an invaluable mentor and advisor. This book is an honest, clear-cut guide for anyone looking to win and—just as importantly—win the right way.”

Jack Groetzinger, co-founder and CEO, SeatGeek

“Being in the unique position of having a front-row seat for the Estis brothers’ college years and early-career exploits, I can say their experience is not uncommon. Having shared their experience of navigating the transition from college to the corporate world and now meeting with upcoming graduates, I can say the fear of the unknown and lack of a clear playbook continues today. The beauty of Prepare for Impact is that it offers meaningful insight for a student preparing to transition, a young professional navigating their first stages of their career, and a thirty-plus-year veteran like me who needs to attract, develop, and mentor the teams of the future for our organization. Beyond the great utility of the book, it is also a great American story. It is truly a must-read!”

Sam Chamberlain, Chief Operating Officer, FIVE GUYS

“Chad and Ryan are two of the most successful and humble business executives in the world. They have both risen from the bottom to the highest levels in their respective fields through decades of near flawless execution. Now we know how! Prepare for Impact unveils their completely fresh and innovative ideas and secrets in a story-led ‘how-to’ guide for CEOs, leaders, executives, and salespeople. The captivating tales will inspire you to lead with more compassion and purpose, while the tools and techniques will allow you to apply them in everyday life. It is nice to finally read a book that shows vulnerability and adversity can help you prevail.”

Rob Wechsler, founder and managing director, Blue Star Innovation Partners

“Traditional models for growth and leadership are no longer effective in our forever-changed world. Prepare for Impact offers a practical, relevant, and human-centered approach for leading teams and driving growth into the future—which is precisely what is required today. Ryan and Chad offer a powerful path forward, forged in personal experience that will undoubtedly make the world of work a better place.”

Peter Sheahan, C-suite adviser, keynote speaker, and VC partner

“What sets Prepare for Impact apart is not only the knowledge and wisdom it imparts but also the inspiring journey of the Estis brothers themselves. Ryan and Chad exemplify the power of determination, commitment, and sibling rivalry turned collaboration. Their story resonates and serves as a testament to what can be achieved through hard work and a genuine passion for success. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to enhance their sales skills, elevate their leadership capabilities, or simply seek inspiration to make a meaningful impact in their careers. It is a valuable resource that deserves a prominent place on every professional’s bookshelf.”

Ronda Conger, author, speaker and Vice President of CBH Homes

“In typical fashion, Ryan Estis absolutely knocks this one out of the park. In a world so often focused on shortcuts and short-term success, Prepare for Impact offers a playbook and potent reminder about what is required to build meaningful, sustainable relationships and sales growth for the long term. Ryan and Chad offer a dynamic, inspiring narrative with ideas you can implement immediately and that will ensure you are well positioned to thrive amidst change, challenge, and uncertainty in both business and in life!”

Karen Robertson, EVP, Fidelity National Financial

“Chad exemplifies the term leader, while simultaneously showing those around him what we should all aspire to be in our careers and in life. We have been training sales reps on the 30 Steps to Sales Success for the twenty-three years we have worked together. The 30 Steps and 9 Tactics for leadership are a playbook for everyone aspiring to climb the career ladder.”

Doug Dawson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Service, Dallas Cowboys

“Ryan and Chad’s humility and heart-centered approach to leadership encourages us to reconsider previous sales and leadership paradigms. Prepare for Impact is grounded in actual life lessons and translates as clear, approachable, and easy to understand while still being thought-provoking and honest about the future. Ryan has been a sage advisor to my companies and a thought-leader to our constituents. He’s unarguably one of the best futurists and experts in the marketplace and this book is a must-read!”

Julie Faupel, Founder and CEO, REALM

Prepare for Impact is an entertaining take on practical habits we can all adopt to become a servant leader. Told through the success on their own journeys, the Estis brothers have created a guide for what we all strive to accomplish: living a life of purpose based off the impact we make on others.”

Delanie Foley, Senior Director of Events, AT&T Stadium

“Chad and Ryan are two of the most impressive people and professionals you will encounter. They have the EQ and IQ to adapt to changing business and leadership conditions in the moment and have bundled the ‘answers to that test’ in this book for us. I’ve been fortunate to watch them live the lessons of Prepare for Impact and be a benefactor of their tutelage along the way.”

Eric Sudol, SVP Corporate Partnership, Dallas Cowboys and President/CEO ProStar Energy Solutions

“I have had the privilege to witness the execution of the 30 Steps and 9 Tactics outlined in this book from a front-row seat. The beauty lies within the simplicity, which has resulted in the transformation of countless careers, franchises around the globe, and growth of the entire business of sports. Following the lessons within will lead to a lifetime of success, and, more importantly, help develop meaningful relationships, which is the true driver of joy.”

Mike Ondrejko, President of Global Sales, Legends


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